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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Brewed by: Boston Beer Compay
Country of Origin: United States

Beer Style: Vienna Lager

Ratings (1-10 scale) and notes:
Aroma: 7 (not much at all)
Appearance: 7 (built for easy drinking)
Taste: 8 (watery)
Body: 5 (typical for beer of this style)
Finish: 7 (not much at all.....)
Price/Value: 7 (at $5.99/6-pack)
Total Beer Guy Score: 41/60

General Notes:
One of my favorites - a microbrew-turned -macrobrew.  Widely adopted in restaurants and bars, and available almost anywhere.  This is a great beer.

I'd Drink It When:  I'll always order with dinner, or when I need to bring beer to a small gathering.  A little strong for feminine palates, but pairs well with all kinds of food.  Can be a little filling.

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