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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jeremiah Weed Lightning Lemonade

Brewed by: Jeremiah Weed Co.
Country of Origin: United States

Beer Style: Malt Beverage

Ratings (1-10 scale) and notes:
Aroma: 3 (sweet like lemonade)
Appearance: 2 (looks unassuming)
Taste: 6 (sweet, without all that 'malt' flavor some of these tend to have)
Body: 2 (not the goal here)
Finish: 5 (refreshing)
Price/Value: 8 (at $5.49/6-pack)
Total Beer Guy Score: 24/60

General Notes:
Refreshing - but too much can upset the stomach.  I wouldn't mix with much in the way of a heavy meal.

I'd Drink It When:  Good fit for hot weather, but be careful.  At 5.8% alcohol by volume, this stuff hits like a hammer.  I drank six, and it was plenty.....

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