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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brew Dog 5 A.M. Saint

Brewed by: Brew Dog
Country of Origin: Scotland

Beer Style: Amber Ale

Ratings (1-10 scale) and notes:
Aroma: 7 (Strong, but not overpowering)
Appearance: 8 (perfect coloring)
Taste: 8 (Great taste - not too 'thick')
Body: 7 (Exemplary of Amber Ales)
Finish: 7 (clean)
Price/Value: 7 (at $6.49/6-pack)
Total Beer Guy Score: 44/60

General Notes:
I bought it for the experience, I'll but it again for the taste.

I'd Drink It When:  You want to have a beer no one else has tried before.  It tasted great.  Bring it to a BBQ

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